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Soil Engergizer

CarbonFix soilenergizer’s unique blend of mineral/organic components includes a superior natural soft black coal primed to readily break down and release over 20 trace elements to aid plant growth.

  • Promotes overall health and growth
  • Aids in root development and plant strength
  • Waterwise – Holds in moisture
  • Microbe friendly, they will love it
  • Enhance the soil nutrient reservoir
  • Promotes long term growth benefits

The key to soilenergizer’s success is in it’s ability to bind a balanced blend of minerals and nutrients into the one product. Whilst many of the components found in CarbonFix soilenergizer are available as individual products, using our unique blending and binding technology means your plants get a balanced blend that offers benefits on a range of levels. The results are highly visual growth that continues long term, healthier and more nutritious fruits and vegetables that are resistant to bugs and disease.

CarbonFix Nu-Soil Pty Ltd, a recently established West Australian company introduces a new approach to assist farmers and gardeners to manage the chemistry of their soils. Current farming and home garden practices, using commercially produced fertilizers, have depleted Australian soils with regard to carbon, microbiological activity and have increased acidity.

CarbonFix soilenergizer’s unique blend of combined mineral/bio dynamic components to promote growth on three levels, it provides base elements for growth, aids water retention and offers a biological source for microbiology to feed and increase in numbers for efficient use of soil and additives.

The Carbon in CarbonFix coal locks in nitrogen, vital to plant growth for longer term, slow release. That’s part of the secret behind CarbonFix ability to provide benefits both in the short and long term.

CarbonFix ability to lock in moisture in the long term helps improve soil structure, moisture holding and ultimately the availability of nutrients.

CarbonFix builds the overall health of the plant allowing it to naturally fight insectal, fungal and bacterial attacks.

Healthy green plants draw in carbon dioxide via photosynthesis (energy from the sun) where it is processed then expirated as pure clean oxygen, CarbonFix promotes a positive carbon cycle naturally sequestering carbon and promoting a healthy clean environment.

The worms and microbes will love it, as will your plants. Vegetables will contain higher nutrient values.

soilenergizer’s uniquer blend of products includes a superior natural soft black coal primed to readily break down and release over 20 trace elements to aid plant growth.

Contains: 40% carbon,spongelite, pot ash, 20 trace elements, microrrhizal fungi,water retention