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About CarbonFix

CarbonFix Nu-Soil Pty Ltd, a recently established West Australian company introduces a new approach to assist farmers and gardeners to manage the chemistry of their soils. Current farming and home garden practices, using commercially produced fertilizers, have depleted Australian soils with regard to carbon, microbiological activity and have increased acidity.


CarbonFix History

Vegetables Flurishing with CarbonFix Soil Energizer

To work in harmony with nature, to help in balancing soil inputs with microbial life to capture and convert the suns energy into plant life.
To gain the best possible results from the resources available to us.
Greener healthy plants,more nutritious foods.
Bio Dynamic Mulch.
Trials are under way to converting green waste materials into soil enhancements assets

Meet Our Team

Ramon EnglishDirector
Ramon is founder of CarbonFix and lead developer of SoilEnergizer
Anita EnglishDirector / Sales Manager