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The Soil Doctor – Soil & Plant Nutrient Analysis

Preliminary Report
Project: Lake Rehabilitaion Progress – Rotary Park
Lakebed Sediment Analysis
Address: Esplanade, Rockingham, Western Australia
Owner: Rockingham City Council

Author: Ian Anderson B.Sc.(Hons)
June 2009 SD Ref: CF0906329S-Prelim

Up to 2004, Rotary Park lake was in poor condition and suffered from algal blooms and high turbidity, that were causing offensive odour emissions and fish deaths. In 2004, Mick Stronach approached the Rockingham City Council to commence experimental trials to improve lake health using Coal Fines as one of the key components.

Coal Fines were placed in a layer adjacent to the stormwater outlet pipes and along the drainage chanels into the lake. The aim was to force stormwater to seep through the Coal Fines, that would temporarily or permanently bind contaminants such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous and heavy metals removing them from lake system. No trial like this had been attempted before in Western Australia.

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