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Soil Energizer

Soilenergizer lock nurtrients in, prevents runoff and stops soil eroison and algal blooms.

Soilenergizer is designed to foster and encourage natures growth system (the carbon cycle) where the sun shines on the plant delivering energy into the plant as sugars (exudates)that filter down to the root systems to feed the microbial myriads in the soil where it is converted by them into nutrients, plant food. The foliage of the plant forms part of the lungs of the earth where carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted into pure oxygen in the carbon cycle. Healthy plants,nutrient rich food and clean purified air.

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Consider the life of your plants, their place in the cycle of life, your soil is their home, the sun is their energy source and the microbes are the workers that convert this energy into plant food. Soilenergizer enriches the soil enhancing the cycle of nature.

Great on Lawns

In this example we treated three stips of a lawn, you can see the great results 20 days later

Your Vegetables will thrive

Your worms and microbes will love it, Plants will thrive, vegetables will contain higher
nutrient values.

Lemon Tree

Suitable for trees

This lemon tree was looking very poorly. It was treated with Soilenergizer and within 12 months it was already producing lots lemons, even though not much foliage happening, now already looking very healthy.

CarbonFix soilenergizer’s unique blend of mineral/organic components includes a superior natural soft black coal primed to readily break down and release over 20 trace elements to aid plant growth.

  • Promotes overall health and growth

  • Aids in root development and plant strength

  • Microbe friendly, they will love it

  • Enhance the soil nutrient reservoir

  • Promotes long term growth benefits

  • Microbe friendly, they will love it

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Fertilisers used in the past are chemically based Soilenergizer is biologically based! Chemicals kill microbes, but Soilenergizer feeds them along with inclusion of MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI which cling to the root systems aiding the plant to draw in nutrients and moisture.